AeroClub Centrale di Volo a Vela

Fees and Dues


The membership fee is due to participate in any ongoing activity during the year of attendance and to use AeCCVV facilities and concession areas.
In case of lack of fees or dues payment, any payment will be intended in account to older debts.


Hangarage is subject to a contribution to the maintenance services that is entirely due by the member which owns the aircraft.

It’s not inclusive of any guard, insurance or surveillance during manoeuvres and storing, for which members are the only responsible.


The use of the rest area is subject to a contribution for maintenance services which includes free use of the pool during its open season. The use of a chosen camping area is reserved to members who pay the annual services contribution in advance within January 31st. The rest area can be used by pilots, their team and organization staff.


The gliders based on other airports should be stationed (with their trailers) at west from the runways area specially marked and equipped with devices for ballast water supply. Glider parking, which must be booked by e-mail (, is subject to a € 10 contribution for the maintenance services of the water pump. The water supplied comes from the well, is not drinking water and can be used exclusively for glider ballasting.


Gliders’ use is reserved to members and subject to a fee for the maintenance services and insurance; it’s also dependent on the Flight Operations Director’s approval and subject to the check of the pilot’s documents and prescribed flight activity, as well as his acceptance of the insurance clauses. With regard to the latter, in case of aircraft damage, the deductible will be paid by the pilot, who may choose, when registering to the stage, to subscribe an additional insurance on the deductible (total comprehensive insurance).


Gliders’ towing is subject to the payment of a contribution to the costs of fuel, lubricants, fire service and landing fee. It’s also subject to the Flight Operations Director clearance.

Towing is only available at the times scheduled by the Organization and the priorities are set by the line manager.
Towing should be booked well in advance with the Flight Operations Director.


The contribution for the fire services is due from all members or users of any of the services provided by the Association, who take off from the airport even with their own means (including motorgliders and autonomous take-off sailplanes). Such contribution is then redirected by the Association to the Rieti Airport Consortium, which manages and is responsible for this service.

Landing fees are paid by the Association to ENAC for all flights whose tows are operated by AeCCVV.


Internet access via cable or WiFi is free.


Unlimited glider subscription is valid throughout the year (1/1 to 12/31), is not time limited and requires the member status: glider assignment is anyway subject to its availability and to the Operations Flight Director’s authorization.
The hours subscription packages is intended for members and can be used almost exclusively outside the theoretical and practical stages period (i.e. from September 15 to May 15). Flight hours (actual flight minutes) will be deducted from the total included within the chosen package and the remaining hours after its expiry are not recoverable.
Upon request and for pilots groups staying over 7 days, special overall lump sum contributions can be quoted.
Services provided under emergency conditions could be free at the Executive Council sole discretion.


 Ordinary member fee € 300
All pilots with regular activity within AeCCVV must be AeCCVV members. Other Federated Aeroclubs or Aggregated Entities members can occasionally use AeCCVV facilities, also by enrolling in one or more stages.





 Glider up to 15m € 1000 € 220 € 55
 Glider up to 18m € 1300 € 250 € 60
 Glider up to 20m € 1400 € 250 € 60
 Glider up to 25m € 1500 € 300 € 70
 Motor Glider € 1400 € 250 € 60
 Aircraft € 1200 € 250 € 60
 Trailers and caravans (up to 10m) from 1/11 to 31/3: € 250

  Rest Area*




High season: 1/6 – 31/8 Low
 Single Area ** (with payment before 31 January) Under MQ.50 € 500
Under MQ.55 € 530
Under MQ.60 € 570
 Mobile home € 590
daily presence
 Camper-area € 18 € 22
 Caravan up to 3,5m area € 12 € 14
 Caravan over 3,5m area € 16 € 18
 Tent sleeps up to 2 guests € 8 € 10
 Tent over 2 guests € 14 € 17
 Guest Daily contribution (free under 18)
 From 18 up to 25 years old  € 3 € 5
 Over 26 years old  € 5 € 8
 Pool for non-resident members in the rest area € 5
 * The rest area is reserved for AeCCVV members: to make use of the areas, the yearly membership fee should be paid within 31/01
** With position choice (the area, even if only partially occupied, must be paid in full)

 Gliders and trailers parking



  High season: 1/6 – 31/8 Low
 Trailer and glider (services fee) € 5 € 10  Free for Members

  Rooms and bungalows



  High season: 1/6 – 31/8 Low
 Single room € 18 € 27
 Double Room € 10 € 17  per person
 Two people Bungalow € 30 € 40

  Gliders Use


6 consecutive days

 Duo Discus Twin Seater € 150,00  € 750,00
 Single Seaters € 100,00  € 500,00





 Up to 400m QFE € 55 landing and
fire service
 Up to 600m QFE € 65
 Up to 700m QFE € 70
 Up to 1000m QFE € 80
 Each additional 100m + € 5
 Recovery from another APT € 5 per minute

 Fire and landing fees


 Up to 1 ton € 15


It’s required to make a reservation by e-mail ( at least one week before, stating the stay period and any request for accommodation.
Later on, the registration formalities and documents’ checks (flight license, valid medical examination, affiliation statement to another Federated Aeroclub) will be carried out. Guest pilots can also pick up the airport access electronic key after a security deposit. Tows and/or autonomous takes off should be paid in advance by the Secretary Desk.
In order to be airborne, it’s a must to contact the Flight Operation Director (FOP) for the necessary flight procedures and coordination and to get his towing / take off authorization.