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Lee Wave Flight


In Rieti, high-altitude flight taking advantage of the wave phenomenon offers wonderful views and feelings.
Although not always we may reach very high altitudes, the relatively low topography contributes to the feeling of being in paradise.
Priceless is the vision of the Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other, by simply turning your head!
The flight, conducted carefully, takes place in optimum safety conditions thanks to the availability of off field options and alternative airports.


With strong winds from NE and stable air, Mount Terminillo in Rieti triggers the wave phenomenon, whose ascending flows allow gliders to climb at high altitude.
The phenomenon usually occurs from December to March. The engagement points are usually located in the Rieti valley, in the area between Cittaducale and Villa Potenziani as well as in the North of the airfield two lakes area and around.
In such period, Il Centrale performs a weather conditions close monitoring and identifies those normally favorable with an advance of a few days (up to eight when possible).

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  • thermal clothing, not bulky
  • lower limbs heating system
  • not freezing energetic snack
  • urine disposal system
  • oxygen tank
  • emergency oxygen tank
  • anti steam of breath mask
  • maps
  • electronic mapping device with efficient batteries
  • good state of fitness



In the past, lee wave flights and the preparation days were organized in collaboration with the Associazione Volovelistica Roma (Soaring Rome Association).

Much of the relevant material can appear either issued by AeCCVV or AVRoma.


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